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For our communities to successfully oppose any applications we must demonstrate how any quarry would effect the  local people, assets, wildlife and habitat.


We need evidence that key assets such as: landscape character, health and well-being, amenity and tranquillity, will be adversely effected by open-cast quarries. So we're looking for personal testimonies from local residents, organisations and businesses explaining why being in the area is great for you or your organisation, and how destruction of the environment will adversely effect you.

This important information will help to form a baseline against which the impact of any application, should they be submitted, can be objectively measured.

If any of the following questions are relevant to you, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and let us know about your experiences. It could be vital to us battling any planning applications.

Highway safety and local transport.

Have you had any negative experiences with existing heavy goods vehicles going through the villages or near your home or child's school? Any near-misses? What impact would extra traffic have on the likelihood of this happening again?

Does your home suffer from noise or vehicle vibrations due to passing traffic? What impact would it have on you if heavy goods traffic dramatically increased?

Health and wellbeing

Do you suffer from any respiratory health problems? Maybe you are asthmatic? Have you chosen to live in a village location because the cleaner air benefits you, or your families health? What impact would sand and gravel dust from the quarries have on your physical and mental health?

Do you use the amenities around the villages to aid your general health? i.e. walking, running, fishing? How valuable were the fields during lockdown? How would you have coped without them? Would your mental or physical well-being be adversely effected by the destruction of the fields for mineral extraction? How?

Use the form below to tell us of your current experiences and how the development of quarries around your village will effect you

Tell us about your experience

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