Tarmac's plan to open-cast mine in Charlton.

Plan of Charlton Mine Site.png

F013-2450 HEATON PLANNING on behalf of TARMAC TRADING LTD Information submitted for Charlton

4th Call for sites submission reference number


Site Name


OS Grid Reference (centre of site)

400821, 246597

Has this site been submitted previously?


Who was the site submitted by?


Is there confirmed mineral operator interest in working the site?


Is there confirmed support from the landowner(s) for the site to be worked?

Support stated but not confirmed.

What type of mineral resource does the site contain?

Sand and gravel

How much mineral resource does the site proposer estimate it could produce? Is this supported by evidence of site investigations?

3.7 million tonnes (unproven)

What other information was submitted with the site proposal?

Tarmac – Call for sites Charlton – 26.01/2018

Charlton- Site Area Plan

Tarmac are a well known and established construction company. You can find out more about what they do by visiting their website here.


The above document was submitted under the Worcestershire County Council's '4th Call for Sites Response Document.' 

The areas inside the red boundaries are currently Grade 1 agricultural land used to produce a variety of crops including asparagus, onions, wheat and barley. If the Worcestershire Local Minerals Plan becomes official county policy then Worcestershire County Council could potentially 'wave through' an application from Tarmac to mine this site. Look carefully and you can see they are intending to mine within a stone's throw of residents' back gardens and right up to the edges of farm buildings.   


The open-cast mine site will also come within metres of Charlton village's graveyard; which contains a Commonwealth War Grave.  

Whilst this is the only current site for which an expression of interest has been shown, it is vital that all residents keep a vigilant eye out for any survey activity in and around their area. Previous experience has demonstrated that mining companies will complete preparatory work prior to making a public notice of interest in a site. it is vital that our communities work together to identify potential mining activity at the earliest possible stage; to give us the best chance of successfully fighting off any actual, or potential, applications for open-cast mining in the Vale of Evesham.