The Worcestershire Minerals Local Plan

Download and view the whole document to find out why Worcestershire County Council want to destroy the local habitat.

Within the document you can view maps to see the extent of the destruction across the Vale of Evesham.

Key Sites Identified for Open-Cast Mineral Mining in the Vale of Evesham

The proposed Worcestershire Local Minerals Plan has identified a number of sites within the Vale of Evesham and along the River Avon corridor that, if approved, the County Council would hand over to mining companies for mineral exploitation. One of the issues we face is that despite the information below, residents do not know which sites may be targeted first, or indeed, if there are other sites under consideration that have not yet been made public. The mining companies use third party engineering firms such as Heaton Planning Ltd to survey land and lobby councils before residents are informed. Look at the Tarmac page of this website for an example of this in Charlton; the 'Call for Sites'document was only submitted AFTER the surveyors had completed their work. Surveys could be taking place right now and residents may not be aware.

The slideshow shows a selection of the sites the council, in conjunction with survey companies such as Heaton planning Ltd, has identified as being preferred sites for the open-cast extraction of sand and gravel. These images are contained within the the proposed Worcestershire Local Minerals Plan. From surveys already carried out - without residents' knowledge - the council has estimated volumes of minerals that could be extracted from each site.


Below is the Council's own estimates of the amount of minerals that could be extracted at each open-cast site. The sheer size of these numbers gives an indication of the level of destruction, disruption and permanent damage that will be done to the Grade 1 agricultural land within these natural rural areas. 

Sites at which the County Council have indicated they would be happy to approve planning applications:

  • Site 16/1 Charlton 2nd Terrace - 5.5 Million tonnes estimated
  • ​Site 16/2 Fladbury - 8.2 Million tonnes estimated
  • Site 16/4 Wick - 12.3 Million tonnes estimated
  • Site 16/12 Pensham - 2.7 Million tonnes estimated

Other significant sites that have been identified include:

  • Site 16/8 Eckington - Depth of deposit unknown at this time

  • Site 16/9 North Cropthorne - 1.6 Million tonnes estimated

  • Site 16/11 Mill End Farm (Lower Westmancote) - Depth of deposit unknown at this time.

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