• Stuart Adams

The fight continues

The Programme Officer has now finalised the details for the Examination in Public (EiP) to be held virtually between 11th and 13th November. Ian Southcott (Chair of the No Vale Quarries Residents Action Group and Chair of Fladbury Village Parish Council) will represent our communities at the hearing.

Our aim is to persuade the Inspector to remove the sites around our villages from the list of sites that the County Council will use as potential mineral mining sites over the next decade. Remember, there is currently no active planning application, that we are aware of, but these hearings are important because they define the areas of land that the County Council will encourage to be used for mineral extraction over the coming years. If we are to protect our villages from the threat of sand and gravel extraction over the coming years then we need the Inspector to agree with our arguments against mining in our area.

You can download the two documents which have the agenda for the hearings and links to the live streaming of the hearings for anyone who is interested to watch proceedings via YouTube.

Public Examination Agenda
Download PDF • 93KB
Public Examination Live-Streaming Links
Download • 60KB

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