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Tarmac withdraws interest in Charlton

Yes! You read it correctly. Please read the following statement for more details:

Proposed Mineral Extraction Site - Charlton

We have been advised by Tarmac’s Strategic Planning Manager for this area that they have now “asked their planning consultant to advise the planning authority that the land at Charlton is not a viable prospect for mineral extraction and to withdraw it from the Mineral Local Plan review process”. 

We have been in touch with Worcestershire County Council who advise that they have not yet been asked to withdraw the site from their “Mineral Site Allocations Development Plan Document”. We will follow this up.

Whilst this is great news for our villages, particularly Charlton and Fladbury, the fact remains that the Local Minerals Plan and associated paperwork still identifies numerous key sand and gravel resources in our area. In addition, with regard to the Charlton site whilst this is not attractive to Tarmac, and we think that other mineral extractors would be in a similar position, we must remain alert to the fact that there is a small chance that one of them may take a different view to Tarmac.

During the ongoing draft Minerals Local Plan document review period we therefore need to take every opportunity to continue to press for the local sites in the Avon valley between Evesham and Pershore to be excluded from further consideration for sand and gravel extraction. The next opportunity will be when a planning Inspector reviews the proposed minerals plan. We have already submitted our comments to the Inspector but hope to have the opportunity for a small group of us to be present at the review. We also need to remain vigilant to any possible applications being submitted in the meantime.

As we say, this is great news and we hope you will support our revised focus in ensuring there is no possibility of sand and gravel extraction taking place in our locality.

The Minerals Steering Group - No Vale Quarries/RAGE

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