• Stuart Adams

RAGE meets Tarmac

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus emergency, the formal process of the Worcestershire Minerals Local Plan (WMLP) is still stalled. We still have no information as to when or how the Examination In Public (EIP) will proceed.

However, with the assistance of County Councillor Liz Eyre, members of the Steering Group recently held a video conference meeting with senior employees of Tarmac, who have previously expressed interest in developing the site North of Charlton, as part of their response to the fourth Call for Sites by Worcestershire County Council (WCC) in 2018.

During the meeting, Tarmac reaffirmed their strong interest in this site, but could not confirm if or when they would be submitting a formal planning application, due in part to ongoing negotiations regarding the expansion of another of their sites in Worcestershire. It does appear though that they have continued their investigations regarding the viability of the Charlton site, with what they regard as 'positive results', so we expect an application to be forthcoming sometime in the not too distant future. They have discussed the possibility of constructing a site access to the A44 with the County Council's Highways department, but this does not preclude the possibility of heavy goods vehicles passing through our villages to deliver and remove the heavy plant and equipment required to set up the extraction process.

We believe that one of the key elements of the objections that we will raise to any forthcoming planning application will be the detrimental effects on the roads and environment in and around our villages. So we would ask that you document any instances of road congestion, accidents and / or near misses involving lorries, trucks, tractors etc. preferably with photos, and submit them directly to the No Vale Quarries website via the testimonies tab.

Thank you for your continuing support and vigilance.

Roger Davies and Richard Sims (Charlton Parish Council)

Ian Southcott (Fladbury Parish Council)

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