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Quarrying companies already exploring Charlton

Updated: May 7, 2020

Over recent months the Parish Councils of Charlton, Cropthorne, Fladbury and Wick have become increasingly aware of the potential threat to our communities of sand and gravel quarrying. The county’s Minerals Local Plan identifies a number of corridors for quarrying and one of these runs along the river Avon as it hugs and winds its way around our villages. Indeed, one quarrying company has already carried out extensive exploratory work on a site between Charlton and the river.

In order to challenge the Minerals Plan and any planning application that may come forward on land in and around our villages, we have formed an action group – No Vale Quarries Community Action Group. This follows two public meetings that were held in late January at which over 250 people attended. A Steering Group comprising of local residents: Nigel Barker, Roger Davies, Moira D’Adda, Peter Pawsey, Stewart Rampling, Richard Sims and Ian Southcott, is now up and running and they will coordinate our opposition to these proposals over the coming months.

The threats are real and broad including: irreversible changes to our local landscape; destruction of wildlife habitats; risk of vibration damage to our homes; danger to our children as up to 50 heavy lorries per day increase the traffic on our small, winding roads; reduced air quality from mining dust; loss of valuable, fertile arable farm land and the general impact a large open-cast mine will have on village life.

We have already met and briefed our MP, Nigel Huddleston, on these proposals and how we plan to fight them. We will also be appearing at an Examination in Public in May before a Planning Inspector who will be assessing the legality and soundness of the Minerals Plan.

Please visit the site regularly as further updates will follow; including how you get involved on social media and on the ground.

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