• Stuart Adams

A message from our Parish Councillors

We hope everyone is well and coping OK during the continuing Coronavirus emergency.

Even though the Government is gradually easing the lockdown conditions, the Examination in Public (EIP) of the published version of the Worcestershire Minerals Local Plan (WMLP) is still postponed, with no indication as to when this might be rescheduled. We have heard that it is possible that some form of virtual examination process might be implemented using a video conferencing service such as ZOOM, but nothing has been confirmed as yet. Since we submitted comments to the EIP Programme Officer prior to the original hearing dates, we should be kept informed of the new arrangements for the EIP. We also continue to monitor the Programme Officer’s website for any updates.

As you will be aware, no formal planning applications have yet been submitted to Worcestershire County Council for minerals extraction in our area, so the objective of this website for now is to further raise public awareness of the potential threats that could arise in the future as the result of the WMLP. The website contains contact details for our Parish, District and County Councillors and also our local MP, should you wish to write to contact them about the issues.

If anyone has any comments on the website please contact either Stuart or Moira using the link on the “Contact” page. You can also use the Facebook and Twitter portals.

Since only people who registered an interest in communication updates at the public meetings in January have received notification of the website, we intend to print and distribute leaflets regarding the formation of the Residents’ Action Group and the details of the new website to all residents of Bricklehampton, Charlton, Cropthorne, Fladbury and Wick, and will again be asking for volunteers to help with the deliveries at the appropriate time.

That’s all for now. We urge you to remain vigilant and be ready to oppose any planning application for minerals extraction that would adversely affect our villages.

Best regards

Roger Davies and Richard Sims (Charlton Parish Council) and Ian Southcott (Fladbury Parish Council)

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